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We take responsibility

Mission Statement

Belimo is committed to sustainability and makes this part of its policy.

Belimo directly contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). By incorporating the UN Global Compact principles into strategies, policies, and procedures, Belimo not only upholds its basic responsibilities to people and the planet, but also sets the stage for the long-term success of our industry.

The principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption are consistent with the values and the code of conduct of Belimo. 

  • Belimo commits to comply with or exceed the applicable legislation and stipulations for environmental protection on all levels. 
  • We make sure that our resources are handled economically and demand that our employees and suppliers do the same. We avoid using materials that represent an unnecessary danger to the environment and are difficult to dispose of.
  • We are aware of the energy consumption during manufacture and operation of our products and develop innovative products that utilise our resources efficiently.
  • We measure the critical aspects of our environmental influence and enhance our processes continuously to reduce the impact on the environment. 
  • We strive to supply our customers with products that will enhance energy efficiency in their applications.
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Quantifying Our Impact

Belimo associates sustainability not only with the goal of minimising CO2 effects of its own business processes, but also with increasing the positive effects of utilising Belimo products in the field

The products manufactured by Belimo facilitate application solutions for creating measurable sustainability benefits to save energy in buildings’ HVAC systems. With the aim of achieving excellent comfort in buildings and in rooms, these systems consume energy. The HVAC control system, in which Belimo field devices are integrated, is designed to accurately control comfort parameters (temperature, humidity, CO2 level) but also to operate the HVAC processes in the most energy efficient manner possible. Belimo sets the standard when it comes to energy-efficient control components, for example with its low power consumption actuators, air-bubble tight ball valves with no leakage or Belimo  Energy Valves™ for optimising thermal energy-flows in buildings. 

Modelling Along Six Steps

In order to quantify positive energy leverage, Belimo has established a model that assesses the impact of its field devices over their life cycle in a typical HVAC system. A common air-handling and ventilation system was chosen as a proxy for energy-impact modelling, including one air-handling unit (AHU) and 25 air-outlets with variable air volume control (VAV). Typical global thermal loads for heating and cooling and electrical energy for ventilation were assumed. The model then calculated the contribution to energy savings of two types of typical Belimo field devices that are sold in high volumes for such applications. For air-side applications, the VAV-control actuator LMV-D3-MP was chosen. For water-side applications, the valve R202516-S2 in combination with the valve-actuator LR24A-SR was chosen, a combination that is often used in air-handling units. 

The energy-impact model is structured along six lifecycle steps of a field device with an assumed service life of 15 years, while the actual lifetime of Belimo field devices is often 20 years or longer.

Result of the CO2 Impact Calculation

The energy-saving impact (step 5) of a Belimo valve and actuator is 21 (air-side) to 32 (water-side) times higher than the impact from all input factors, with a weighted average of 24. This results in a net CO2 prevention impact of 1068.3 kg CO2e per valve and actuator over a 15-year life cycle. For air-side actuators, this value is 1051.7 kg CO2e per device. With 5130 thousand new air-side actuators and 2025 thousand valves and actuators shipped in 2019, these devices will help prevent 7.6 million tonnes of CO2e over their coming life cycle. This corresponds to the negative emission of a middle-class car touring 600,000 times around the world. These small Belimo devices will therefore have a truly big impact on energy-consumption and our environment.

In order to provide greater transparency to its stakeholders, Belimo set out to further advance its sustainability reporting based on the international reporting framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). GRI is a non-governmental organisation that provides a systematic and comprehensive framework, which has become a global standard for disclosure by corporations and other organisations on sustainability.

Community & Society

The values ​​and the Code of Conduct reflect the accompanying social responsibility not only within the company itself but also in the business environment. Belimo subsidiaries support various local non-profit organisations, as well as sporting and cultural events.

The employees are the company’s most valuable asset. Their health, safety and satisfaction are a high priority. An internal training program allows for knowledge and skills to always be in line with responsibilities.

Integrity Channel

Belimo is determined to conduct its business in compliance with high ethical standards and applicable law. Everybody is encouraged to report violations of free competition, export/import regulations, environmental protection and occupational safety or cases of corruption, fraud and embezzlement. We do not tolerate actions that violate the law or our Code of Conduct. 

Code of Conduct

Belimo’s mission statement conveys the company’s key guiding principles and fundamental values. Since each employee helps shape the Belimo corporate culture, it is imperative that every one of them understands and embraces his or her personal responsibility.

Belimo is determined to manage its business in compliance with high ethical standards and applicable law. Employees shall act accordingly. This attitude is not only vital to preserve Belimo’s good reputation and to prevent possible sanctions under civil or criminal law, but also reflects Belimo’s values.

The production, logistics and administration building in Danbury (CT, USA) has been built in compliance with the LEED Gold Standards for sustainable construction. The Belimo sites in Hinwil and Danbury apply the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. Every year, Belimo reports its energy and greenhouse gas footprints to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) organization.

Belimo adheres to the RoHS environmental directive, which prohibits the use of substances that are harmful to the environment. The suppliers also commit not to use any of the banned substances in the parts they deliver.